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The Alpha Academic Appeals team has published several articles on student appeals.  A selection appears below.

Appealing decisions of your medical school - a guide for medical students (03/04/2018)

Tips for Student Union advisers who attend hearings with students (06/11/2017)

On the ample room for improvement in the conduct of university appeals
'Cheated of justice?  Universities fail to give accused students full and fair appeals hearings' , The Independent (26/11/2015

If you want to write the appeal yourself, you may find the tips contained in this article helpful: 'How to appeal if you fail at university', Guardian (08/01/2013)

If you want to represent yourself at an academic or misconduct hearing:

'Top tips on representing yourself at student hearings', Student Wire (19/05/2015) https://studentwire.co.uk/how-to-represent-yourself-at-an-academic-appeal-hearing/

On the room for improvement in academic appeal hearings:

'Students deserve a fair hearing from universities', Times Higher Education (24/10/2013)

On the need for greater support for students who are appealing university decisions:

'Academic appeals: a serious business', Guardian (17/05/2013)

On the flawed interpretation of 'academic judgement' by some universities: 'Reserving judgement: doctors vs. doctors of philosophy', Times Higher Education (23/04/2015)

Students who have been withdrawn or left university before the completion of their course, and who are contemplating what to do next, may wish to get in touch with the Student Relaunch Programme.  It  is a not for profit organisation offering impartial Advice and Guidance to early leavers from higher education institutions in England (www.studentrelaunch.org).  The Programme is unrelated to Alpha Academic Appeals.

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