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Appealing an Academic Result/Decision of the University

Want to appeal a poor exam result?

A poor exam result at university can be life-changing, affecting a student's degree, job prospects and future earnings.  Strong academic results are likely to be particularly important in light of the anticipated disruption to the graduate job market caused by COVID-19.  Those with higher grades will be more competitive.

Degree classifications matter.  A recent report revealed that graduates with a 2:1 degree can expect to earn about 8% more than graduates with a 2:2 or below. Over the duration of a working life, this represents a difference of hundreds of thousands of pounds in earnings.

The appeal process is stressful and daunting. There are regulations and guidance to navigate, evidence to assess and obtain, complex documents to write, and short deadlines to meet, and all of this at a time when students are understandably anxious about their future.  It is no surprise that students make mistakes with their appeals.

Getting professional help early in the process can significantly increase your chances of overturning the unfair result quickly and with minimal stress, lowering the long-term financial risk of a poor academic result and allowing you to focus on the rest of your studies. 

We are a friendly team of 15 barristers, including 3 former university lecturers, with expertise in university appeals. Since 2011, we have helped thousands of students who received disappointing results with their appeals, from advising them on strategy and evidence to writing their appeal statement and, where permitted, representing them at hearings. We remove the stress of appeals and produce well-written, persuasive statements. 

We are trusted by academics, solicitors and even embassies. Student unions recommend us and use some of our materials. We train university staff and student union advisers.  We have published articles in leading journals, lectured to fellow lawyers at the Education Law Association, and featured in BBC documentaries about student appeals. 

We are proud of the quality of our work and delighted when our clients succeed. One student from King’s College London, who had done badly in an exam due to extenuating circumstances, wrote:

"I received outstanding service from Alpha Academic Appeals.  From the initial telephone discussion right through to the final meeting, I was provided with excellent advice and support; I felt completely reassured that I was being heard and I was kept involved every step of the way.  The barrister dealt with my situation very promptly and professionally, the end result being a fantastic appeal statement that summed up everything that needed to be said in a very clear and concise manner.  The service I received was second to none."

All our advisers are legally qualified and our barristers are registered with the Bar Standards Board.

Students stand a much better chance of a successful appeal if they get professional help soon after receiving their results.  Contact us now for a free, confidential enquiry.  We work 7 days a week.  Just call 0800 368 9230 to speak to an adviser or complete the online enquiry here to discuss your case with no obligations.

For those on a shoestring budget, we have created a unique online video tutorial on how to produce a winning appeal.  Based on years of experience, the online tutorial is the most affordable way to get professional help with your appeal.  It has proved popular with students and is recommended by some student unions.  Click here for learn more about the video tutorial.

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10 Reasons to Choose Alpha Academic Appeals

  • Trusted by student unions, embassies, lawyers, and academics. As of April 2024, we have 66 independent Google Reviews, each with a perfect 5* score
  • We are super-specialist and deal exclusively with university and school matters
  • Benefit from the advice of our large team of 14 barristers. All our advisers have trained as barristers
  • Same day appointments 7 days a week, subject to availability
  • Reduce stress by allowing our team of experts to do all the hard work
  • Clear, honest and confidential advice on improving your chances of a successful outcome
  • Obtain a sample written statement that you can use as a template
  • Obtain a quicker resolution to your problem
  • Gain insights from our collective experience of thousands of university appeals and complaints (see Reviews)
  • Our offices are open every day, with extended hours

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