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"Thanks Aidan for all your help during this ordeal.  You have been immeasurably helpful.  I've also learnt a lot about how these issues are dealt with, thanks to your expertise.  I most appreciate your willingness to help solve follow-up problems, as you were within your right to just say no.

If you or Dr Sokol wish to use my appeal as a successful case study, please feel free to do so.  If any of my friends or family encounter a similar predicament, I'll be sure to point them in AAA's direction."

M (university withheld), October 2022

Ann Crighton handled my case and she was brilliant from start to finish. Ann was very quick to respond, she is very approachable, supportive and hard working. Ann quickly got to the crux of the matter, addressed the legalities of the situation and her advice was excellent.  Ann helped me through a very difficult and stressful time.  My outcome was successful, and I cannot thank Ann enough for her support and professionalism.  Ann gave a truly amazing service and without her I would not have a future as an Occupational Therapist.  I would have no hesitation to recommend her and Alpha Appeals.

Sharon, University in the North West area

Bradley has been instrumental to my appeal application. He works fast, is persuasive in his arguments and was accurate in his predictions. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering to challenge an academic appeal. I may not have succeeded without his help!

A, Middlesex University, February 2021

It was a life-saving decision choosing Alpha Academic Appeals. I was devastated after receiving the 'fail' result of my PhD Viva. At the time, I had been constantly told to “accept the reality although it isn’t fair”, even my supervisor didn’t think the appeal would work. After consulting, I decided to take the advice from Daniel and fight for my right, although my case was evaluated as only having 25 percent of chance to win. Turn out that it is the BEST decision I have ever made in my life (I am 42)! My result was overturned, I got another viva and the new examiners loved my research. I have now received my PhD degree and become a doctor.

I wouldn’t say the price is low but you get professional help from Alpha Academic Appeals.  It's money well spent. Sometimes we invest in what we value. Don’t listen to others’ b*** shit of so-called “reality”. It's your life; fight for it! 



J, Northumbria University, January 2021

Review for Ann

I am more than impressed by the way Alpha Academic Appeals helps desperate students unrightfully accused of cheating. Ann Crighton helped me receive the desired outcome of an appeal in the most professional, kind and understanding way. From the moment we met,

I felt at ease and I was so glad that she explained every step of the process in detail. She gave me expert advice ahead of my hearing and then represented me excellently. She really is an outstanding barrister and a very kind person. I highly recommend her

because of her exceptional skills, efficiency, warmth, integrity and solicitude. She took the case very seriously, personally and gave me a great level of attention and support. In the end, I won the appeal and was reinstalled by my university. Thank you, Ann.


Review for Aidan

Alpha Academic Appeals is an absolute saviour. I wish I knew about them a long time ago; they really saved so much of my time and nerves. I had the pleasure of having Aidan by my side in appealing against my university’s decision of expulsion. From our first call,

I was very impressed by his professionalism, knowledge and willingness to really understand my case and help me. He was always there for me during the process of appealing the decision, gave me the best advice possible and left me feeling calm and confident.

When I read my appeal statement I was really impressed, it was brilliantly written, exactly how I imagined it and really on the spot. I really hope Aidan and Alpha Academic Appeals get the recognition they deserve.  Once again, thank you very much for all of your efforts and keep helping people in this gracious manner.

Ivan (university withheld), December 2020

"I had the pleasure of using Ann for my academic appeals case for the termination of my medical school studies. Ann was professional and exemplary from the start! She took on my case with enthusiasm and showed a great deal of empathy and support. She was also very diligent and thorough with what was being stated in my appeal and this just proved what a competent lawyer Ann is. I’m delighted to state due to Ann’s assistance the medical school have allowed me to retake the year again and my appeal was successful. I would definitely recommend Ann to anyone else in a similar situation."

Zara (university withheld)

"Alpha Academic Appeals Lawyers were impressive from minute one! The first call we made was answered quickly and within moments we were into the detail. Daniel's thorough, interrogative and detailed handling of our case was more than either student or parent would have expected, or certainly been able to replicate. After such a dreadful experience regarding a marking discrepancy, we were so relieved by the kindness and empathy shown to us by Alpha Academic Appeals Lawyers. A truly amazing service - look no further."

Patrick Bradshaw (father of student), July 2020 (Google Review)

"I received help from a barrister at Alpha Academic Appeals and I was impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of their services. Within 3 days I received full support and an appeal to send, which then resulted in me being reinstated in university. I really do recommend them, they helped me out of a situation where I thought I was not going to be reinstated ! Thanks again."


Ginevra Gavazzeni (university withheld), March 2020

"Dear Aidan,

Just read the appeal statement and WOW.  It's just amazing.  Really, really awesome!!!


S (university withheld), March 2020

"Hi both,
So I was given 40% for the modules but thanks to the medical report of Dr [...] and the academic appeal I was given a 3% grade rise in other modules and so am graduating this summer with a 1st class honors. Thanks so much for all the help :) My family are all very proud.

Jack Fellows, University of Loughborough

"Daniel, your appeal statement was amazing.  If I had known, I would have left it to you from the start instead of wasting my time.  Sorry if I sounded distrustful when I first called.  Having seen your work, you guys are 1000x better than I could ever have imagined."

M (university withheld)

"Dear AAA,

I want to say a huge thank you in helping me win this appeal. I am grateful at the fact that you both created time for my case at such short notice. It truly was a blessing.

I can now work on my studies without my efforts being limited, all due to your expertise and service.

Should I ever be in a situation similar to this or know of anyone that is, I will definitely be recommending you.

I am not sure if there is a limit on how many times a person can say thank you, but thank you once again!

Kindest regards"

C (university withheld)

"The professionalism, knowledge, and integrity that Dr Sokol brought to my case inspired confidence within me, and made me feel safe in a process that otherwise made me anonymous. In my case, the University's style was bullying and belligerent and alone I would have been lost in an overwhelming bureaucracy. Dr Sokol cut through the waffle to the heart of the case against me with a tactical intelligence that only someone of his nature and calibre possesses. He saw things that I, and even the University, did not, getting to the point and ultimately refuting the case against me. He won the case for me on appeal, as I deluded myself into believing that I could deal with it myself, leading up to that final chance. If you are involved in any academic misconduct case with your university, however trivial you believe it to be, do not hesitate to engage Dr Sokol and his team, who will bring experience, competence and diligence to your case. You will not be disappointed and the burden that you feel will be lifted by someone who has the capability to deal with it most effectively."

Noor (university withheld)

"After becoming lost in maze, trapped within a process to overwhelming complexity, Dr Sokol navigated us from beginning to end, giving us back our dignity, and self-belief, that the University had managed to strip from us. His judgement was impeccable. His knowledge and respect for the law, the University regulatory processes, and natural justice are his motivations, and that gave us all the confidence we needed. However complex your case is, Dr Sokol will simplify it and get to the core issues most effectively. All of this will be my overwhelming memory of his invaluable contribution."

Huda (university withheld)

"I went to see the Student Union advisers about my appeal.  They told me to avoid lawyers – with one exception: Daniel Sokol.  They then said Daniel would do the same thing they did.  They were wrong.  Daniel’s consultation was way more helpful, insightful, detailed and professional.  There was simply no comparison.  I would definitely recommend a consultation with him if you're planning to appeal.”

A (university withheld)

"Dear Aidan,
Thank you for listening to my case, analysing all of the evidence and producing an incredibly compelling appeal statement. The appeal was submitted last Friday, and I received the outcome letter today: the University's original decision was overturned, and my request to resit the second year of my programme has been approved (on the condition that I register with the University's Disability Advisory and Support Service).
I would like to thank you for referring me to Dr [...], and for working through the process so quickly. Your expertise and attention to detail has won me back my future, and with an appropriate support plan in place, I am motivated to make the most of this second chance and perform to my full potential.
Yours sincerely,"

H (university withheld)

"Dear Aidan,

I hope this e-mail finds you well.

I just thought I’d let you know the outcome of the hearing.

The Committee determined that my appeal be upheld and ordered that I be reinstated onto the programme as a first attempt.

I am so relieved that this ordeal is finally over and that we've got the outcome we’ve hoped and worked for. My family and I can finally put all of this, and the past few years, behind us. If it were not for your guidance I would not have the opportunity to return to academia and study the subject that I love.

I cannot thank you enough for your incredible support in this process. I really appreciate the effort you went to in order to understand my situation and I am forever grateful for the time you took to help me during this appeal. Thank you for all the reassurance you have given me and the chance for a fresh start.

Many many thanks."

N (university withheld)

"I can only recommend Alpha Academic Appeals. During one of the most difficult periods of my life I called this company after I read an article in The Guardian written by one of their barristers. My voice was shaky, I was deeply upset as I was told to leave my medical specialty due to exhaustion of exam attempts as per regulation from my College Body. My common sense was telling me that it was unfair as I had a personal tragedy during that period. There was an initial gentleman who took my call and he told me, "look I do not know you. It sounds that you are very upset but now is not the moment. You need to act quickly to deal with this issue the best you can. You can cry later if you wish". Somehow something inside gave me strength to persevere in my fight. He put me in touch with Christopher Coyle who gave me excellent advice and was always available.I submitted the appeal as he advised and now I have been granted one attempt more.  This is only the second time this has happened in the history of my professional body. Christopher Coyle was even available after the positive outcome to sort some of my queries. I can only say for the hesitant customers, if you are going to fight do it 100%, there is nothing to lose and a lot to gain. That was my rationale and I do not regret it now. Alpha do have experience and they have dealt with these cases in the past. I am grateful to Alpha for their professional support, my whole family and my fiancé who always stood by my side without hesitation."

A (a medical institution)

"Arthur [pseudonym] has been given an opportunity to continue his studies!  Thanks again for your help Aidan.  Worth every penny."

P, Arthur's father (university withheld)

"I failed my dissertation and eight assessments in which I received late penalties for four assessments. I almost collapsed when I thought I would lose my degree and prepared for the worst outcome. As I had mitigating circumstances, I started to research how to appeal the university's decision and I found out about Alpha Academic Appeals through an article I read in the Guardian. I contacted the company and Mr Coyle agreed to take on my case.

Mr Coyle and I arranged a Skype meeting promptly and he listened to my story.  He then drafted urgent documents that I needed for my academic appeal. He gave me a clear direction on how to collect the evidence I needed within a short time frame.

Mr Coyle’s prepared a convincing appeal statement in time despite his busy schedule in court. Most importantly, he gave me confidence as we had frequent discussions by email.  It really helped me keep calm and trust that this process was worth it.

The Board of Examiners have resolved my case and offered me another opportunity to resubmit all of my failed assessments. I would highly recommend Mr Coyle and Alpha Academic Appeals.  They have vast expertise and skills along with an enthusiasm to help others.

Thank you for all your help."

L, University of Warwick

"My first point of contact with Alpha Academic Appeals was Nancy.  She guided me expertly through the process of appealing and answered all of my queries.  I do wonder if Nancy ever sleeps as she responded to every email within minutes even though they were often late at night.

Chris Coyle was assigned to my case and a Skype call was quickly arranged.  We discussed my case at length and Chris helped me identify the strong points of my argument.  He also identified aspects that I have not previously considered.  The information Chris gave me was extremely helpful and certainly strengthened my case.

The service was top notch and I would highly recommend Alpha Academic Appeals."

A (university withheld)

"I am very grateful for the services provided by you.

At first I was not sure about it, but the stakes were so high that I decided to try.

Nancy contacted me very quickly after my initial inquiry, and in the same week I had a Skype consultation with Christopher.

I had failed one module and it was decided that I should leave the course. However, Christopher gave me valuable information that enabled me to succeed in my appeal and I am extremely grateful for this. Now I will be able to resit the assignment.

Thank you so much for all the advice and professionalism." 

L (university withheld)

"Aidan, I had my PhD resubmission viva with two new examiners last week at the University of [university withheld].

I thought you might like to know that I passed the examination, subject to (very) minor corrections.

I will be graduating in December, all being well.

Certainly without your letter I would not have been given the second chance - well done on providing me with such a strong case.

With sincere thanks and gratitude.

All best wishes"

A (university withheld)

"You have done my case justice. Thank you so much! You have taken all my evidence and words and turned it into....well, the best way I can describe it is that you are an impressive wordsmith! And more.

There was an opportunity here to use my case to help future students. I want the university to treat future students more fairly, and you did that justice too. I am so happy about this.

My dream of becoming a's been with me for a very long time now. I can't describe how important it is. It's me, it's what I do, and what I want to do.

It was my good fortune to choose you, I felt you could really help me and you have done exactly that - to an impressive standard."

A, University of London

"I wholeheartedly recommend Daniel for any academic appeal processes, especially to those who may be unfortunate enough to be in a position where they cannot continue their course. I was withdrawn from my medical degree after failing an exam on the third attempt, despite having genuine extenuating circumstances.   I thought my medical career was over and was preparing for the worst possible outcome. I then stumbled upon Alpha Academic Appeals website by chance and contacted Daniel immediately. He listened to my story and automatically arranged a meeting in London – within just a few days Daniel had figured out the best way to present my case, and had also identified several procedural irregularities made on the Faculty’s part, which I would not have been able to recognise without his help.   Daniel also prepared a very convincing appeal statement on my request, which I believe made a world of difference to my case, along with identifying and helping me to obtain the evidence needed. The Board of Examiners were left with no option but to reinstate me, and I will be able to recommence my studies with another opportunity to sit the exam I failed. Daniel has a calm and patient manner, along with expert knowledge and dedication. There were a couple of times during the appeal process where I thought I was fighting a losing battle, but he convinced me not to lose hope. I will always be eternally grateful."   A, (university withheld)     "Thank you so much for your professional and exceptionally efficient support through difficult times.  You were very thorough and meticulous in every step of the process and you were always available to respond to my questions promptly.

Thank you so much once again.  I could not have gone through this extremely stressful appeal process without you, both emotionally and professionally."

A, University of Sydney

"Dear Dr. Sokol,

I am writing to let you know the outcome of the appeal.

It has been a long time but I finally have an answer.

You rock, sir!! My appeal has been successful and I will be starting my second year in September.

Thank you!"

G, University of London

"Whilst completing the last module of a clinical doctorate programme and having come up against a number of adverse life events, I suddenly and unexpectedly received notification that I had been withdrawn from the course.  No warning, formal or otherwise, was given to notify me of this possibility.  I was shocked and sought to rectify the situation immediately.  I initially set about appealing the decision whilst mindful of the need to try to maintain a good relationship with my former supervisors.  I therefore followed to the letter the advice that I was given at the time by both the University and the Students’ Union rep, only to find that instead of rescuing this situation, it actually got worse! My first appeal was rejected and from the feedback I received it was clear that I really had not been accurately advised by either source.   I then found Daniel’s website.  I noted his alerts about the probability of success at appeal lessening with each subsequent attempt, and I noted the raft of excellent testimonials to his skills.  I asked Daniel to act on my behalf and thankfully he agreed!  At last I had access to the appropriate and highly expert level of advice that I needed.  Daniel stayed in regular contact with me throughout the next stage of the appeal process, often answering emails late into the evening, at the weekend, or very early in the morning.  Within half a day of submitting my new appeal, which had been expertly prepared by Daniel, I received notification that I was being readmitted to the course and was told that there was “no need” to take my appeal any further!    Daniel provides a rapid, highly expert and highly effective service and I will forever be indebted to him.  He is absolutely outstanding."   P, (university withheld)     "I am so pleased to let you know that my appeal was upheld. They said that I did demonstrate a significant worsening of my circumstances and that I will be allowed to submit my deferred essays at the next point when their modules are usually assessed. I am floored. I spent everyday trying to prepare myself for what I thought was going to be a rejection due to the previous display of poor judgement. I honestly cannot thank you enough for your support, for your belief in my case, for the invaluable help with writing my appeal. No exaggeration, coming to you for help literally changed my life for the better.

Once again, thank you so much. I hope you have a great day.

Warm regards,"

D (university withheld)

"My appeal outcome was successful and it looks like I'll be starting back asap!  I just wanted to e-mail you with the happy news and to thank you again for all your help.  I could not have done it without your advice."   P, King's College London     "I was withdrawn from medical school due to failing exams.  Daniel reinstated me.  He was an astounding adviser and writer for my appeal.  It is thanks to his expert knowledge that my very complex appeal was accepted by the University.

The appeal statement itself was a work of art.  He understood what was needed straight away, was remarkably efficient,  and dealt with the whole process effortlessly.  I can now go back to study medicine. Daniel, your help has been greatly appreciated.  Thank you."

B (university withheld)

"Thank you very much for everything.  I really can't describe my feeling following the hearing and to be honest I still can't believe we won this.

At the beginning I was without hope but you have proved to me that nothing is impossible.

You saved my future and it really means a lot to me."

F (university withheld)

"On results day I felt devastated and very upset after receiving a fail for one of my exams and having the whole module capped at 40%. The appeal process was so very confusing and I really didn't understand what to do next as I had valid medical reasons.

After researching online and contacting Alpha Academic Appeals I felt more reassured. Dr Daniel Sokol was fantastic and such a big help with my appeal and sorting out what to do next. I would not have been successful with my appeal without Dr Sokol's help and guidance.

I will now be allowed to resit the exam as a first attempt and my module mark will not be capped. I will be forever grateful to Dr Sokol."

M, (university withheld)

"I approached Daniel following a 2 year battle with the University after being awarded a fail for my Doctorate.  

Daniel was thorough and rigorous in his approach and was able to refine and strengthen my arguments using his expert knowledge.  He was empathetic, understanding and professional throughout.

Daniel attended my appeal panel meeting, where he made submissions on my behalf.  His contribution was invaluable and he was very impressive.  His clear explanation of the facts of my case and cross examination of the University's representatives was exactly what was required to win.  The University upheld my appeal.

I am incredibly thankful to Daniel for his input and advice.  I would recommend Daniel to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position."

J, (university withheld)

"I really must express my gratitude at the help you provided me in order to have another attempt at the PhD viva. I know that it took a lot of time to get the university to accept the case, but you managed to get me to stay optimistic throughout the process. I know I was on the verge of giving up. I really appreciate your patience and guidance during the appeal process and complaint to OIA."

A, University of Nottingham

"When I received the result of my viva - an MPhil rather than a PhD - no one backed me up.  Not even my supervisors.  I felt really desperate.  I did an Internet research and, after considering my options, decided to go with Dr Sokol.  I was very lucky to have him.  I loved the fact that he replied promptly to e-mails, giving answers to any questions, and was reassuring and supportive.  I felt in safe hands.  Having looked at my case, he estimated my chances of success at about 40%.  He then wrote a remarkably clear and persuasive appeal statement, and I was delighted when my appeal was upheld.  I would definitely advise other students in the unfortunate situation of an academic appeal to come to Dr Sokol."

B, University of Essex

"After spending 4 years working on my PhD I went through an unfair viva with bias in the examination committee. I was extremely disappointed when told by my convenor and supervisors that I had no grounds to make an appeal.

Before contacting Alpha Academic Appeals, I spoke to many lawyers to get advice on my situation. However, Dr Sokol was the only one to understand and lay out the facts clearly and comprehensively. I was very impressed with his quality of work and attention to detail. My appeal involved reading considerable paperwork, of several years’ worth, to be written with great detail and clarity.

Dr Sokol brought his experience and knowledge from similar case history and represented it with the best possible light. I am so grateful that the university agreed to uphold my appeal, and that I will now have the opportunity of a fair examination with a new examination committee.

I made the right choice in choosing Dr. Sokol to help me with the appeal statement and represent me at the hearing.  I would highly recommend him for those in a similar unfortunate situation."

X, University of Dundee

"Excellent, magnificent, outstanding, and all other sort of superlative words would be an underestimated description of Daniel's efforts as well as results! Thanks to his perfect written appeal letter and his uniquely subtle and sharp way of argumentation during the hearing, he managed to overturn my permanent withdrawn status. He is friendly, honest and approachable at all times. All my emails and phone calls to him, whether in the early mornings, late nights or even in his holiday, were always quickly replied. He has vast expertise, experience and a desire to help students in addition to reasonable prices.

I am extremely grateful to have contacted you and I couldn't ever thank you enough, Daniel!"

A, University of Oxford

"I benefitted immensely from the services offered by Alpha Academic Appeals. Their input was very insightful, and I would strongly recommend students to tap Dr Sokol's expertise, who is well-versed in the academic appeals process."

A, School of Oriental and African Studies

 "I was devastated when I received the outcome of my PhD examination: ‘outright fail’.  After panicking, and a few days searching the internet, I went to Dr Daniel Sokol at Alpha Academic Appeals.  I wanted the expert recommendation of a former academic.

At the beginning, he estimated the chances of success at 30%.  Much of my appeal questioned the academic judgment of the examiners, which is not a permissible ground.  However, I was intent on doing everything I could to appeal against a decision I knew was unfair.

Due to the complexity of my case, Daniel and I had two face-to-face meetings.  He listened to me carefully and suggested different possible grounds of appeal.  I was impressed by his dedication to my cause.  He did everything promptly and identified what evidence I needed to support my case.

He then wrote me a perfect Appeal Submission letter.  He identified errors in the examination procedure and fought for me on those grounds.  As a result of the letter, I was invited to an appeal hearing and I asked him to accompany me.

At the hearing, his submissions were sharp and persuasive.  He even gave helpful advice to the Panel members, who seemed to accept that he had far more experience that they had.  

Just today I heard the great news: I won my appeal!

I can now re-submit my thesis to new examiners as if it were a first submission.  I feel that I escaped a death penalty that was unfairly imposed on me, and Daniel was the rescuer.

I am happy to share my experience with anyone who is going through the difficulties of an academic appeal.  Choosing Alpha Academic Appeals is truly the wisest decision I have ever made in my life.  Thank you, Daniel, for all your help."

C, University of London     "I can confirm that the appeal you wrote was successful.  I have now been allowed to retake the assignments as a first attempt.  I cannot express my gratitude enough for you writing my appeal in a timely and comprehensive manner.  I hope you are well and again thank you very much for your help!"

A, University of Manchester

"After being unfairly awarded a lower second class, I sought out help and I'm glad I chose Dr sokol.  From the initial consultation, Daniel's knowledge and expertise helped me put everything into perspective.   I'm pleased to say that due to the very compelling case Daniel made, I have now been awarded a 2.1 and I couldn't be more grateful." 

A, City University

"If you see yourself in my situation, you will need to have the best educational representative.  I strongly recommend Daniel Sokol.

I have had my research and spoke to many educational barristers but I decided to go with him.  [...] He gave me free advice and was with me on the phone for over 15 minutes when I called him the first time.  He was very honest and very sharp picking up all the mistakes which were done by the university and the examiners.

I am very glad I chose him.  If it was not for his help, I am not sure the outcome of my appeal would have been the same.  No matter how much you read and what advice you get, it will not be as effective as that couple of hours consultation that you have with the educational barrister.  That is why I recommend everyone to get a legal representative."

From post by 'adamA' on, dated 26 July 2015

"My name is C and a few months ago you kindly helped me to draft my appeal letter.  I am writing to inform you that my appeal has been sustained.  I am very grateful for your help and advice throughout my entire appeals process.

Thank you very very much from the bottom of my heart.  I am deeply grateful and feel fortunate to have benefitted from your unique knowledge, experience and expertise."

C (university withheld)

"I cannot thank Daniel enough. His help and advice has helped me with a case which I thought would be extremely tough. He literally made the impossible possible. I would definitely say that the prices are worth it; in a sense, invaluable."

A, University of London

"Dr. Sokol is absolutely brilliant, and I cannot recommend him enough.  My PhD thesis was submitted and recommended for an MPhil.  I wanted to find answers and to see if I could appeal, so I found Dr. Sokol and had a free consult with him.  His honest and sincere feedback led me to hire him.  He helped me to navigate what was a terrifying -- and purposefully complex -- bureaucracy.  I am happy to say that my appeal was upheld, and I will have another chance at submitting my thesis for a PhD degree.  Could I have done this without his help?  Possibly.  Would I have wanted to?  Absolutely not."

W, University of London

"I got a letter of support from my new supervisor to go with your proposal and voila… Success!!

I'm glad that you spotted that opportunity. I was so geared up for the long term battle I missed that potential solution.

Thank you for bringing your cool-headed clarity to my case."

l (university withheld)

"I am very glad to inform you that my academic appeal has been accepted. I have no words to explain how thankful I am to you. I just can say than you have literally saved me from the huge mess that I was in."


"Because of your help, my appeal has been accepted by the college and I have been given a chance to resit the exam again in April. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for all your help and time. If I do ever become a lawyer, I would like to help people like you do."

H, University of London

"The award board called T today and they have awarded her with her First. Thank you so much, I am sure your letter swayed the decision. T is, obviously, over the moon and we are all going to celebrate tonight. We will raise a glass to you. It is an amazing result.

We are most grateful and so happy we asked for your help as your professionalism and knowledge has changed T's future forever."

L, T's mum (university withheld)

"A couple of days ago I received the incredible news that my appeal had not only been successful, but had exceeded all hopes I had and my degree mark was changed to a 2:1. There is absolutely no doubt that this was achieved because of Daniel's knowledge and the incredible 12 page appeal letter he wrote using every last piece of information I gave him.

Mistakes were made by the university in my situation, however I was very close to not appealing at all because I felt embarrassed, ashamed and at fault. If you find yourself in a similar situation - one that you never thought you would be in - please invest in Daniel and appeal; his expertise made a compelling case, which the university could not ignore. When I met with Daniel, he was completely frank and said success wasn't particularly likely but that I should appeal because, at that point, I had nothing to lose. I felt completely hopeless at the time, and for the months that followed while I waited to hear news, but the joy I felt when I heard the news last week that my mark had been changed was, well, there are no words. Thank you Daniel for changing my life - honestly, that's not an exaggeration - you have made my future brighter. "

I (university withheld)

"I thought I would let you know that my PhD appeal was successfully upheld this week! Thank you both for your work on my behalf.  I sincerely believe that the appeal letter you helped me prepare was instrumental in my success and I would highly recommend your services to anyone in a similar situation. Your fee was worth every penny. Thank you."

P (university withheld)

"I am very pleased to tell you that, with your help, I have won my appeal to continue with my PhD studies at [name redacted] University.

Thank you for your brilliant work in preparing my written appeal statement. It gave me great confidence and helped me focus only on the relevant issues during the hearing (that serious mitigating circumstances and medical evidence had been ignored).

Your help made all the difference and I would recommend your service to anyone I discover is in the unfortunate and stressful position of having to challenge a University decision."

I (university withheld)

"After hearing the news that I had be withdrawn from the course, I felt as though my life was meaningless.  Everything I had worked hard for and dreamed about was being taken away. I spoke to many people but nobody knew all that much about it and I was not getting any good advice. I knew someone that went through something similar but was unsuccessful. All I was hearing was how difficult and impossible it is to be allowed back in.

Luckily I came across Alpha Academic Appeals. I did a bit of research and discovered that Daniel was a senior lecturer, which was very reassuring. Daniel was thorough, very knowledgeable and fast which is so important when there are strict deadlines to be met. He was the first person I had spoken to that actually knew the procedure inside out; he gave me confidence.

The appeal was a success; I am going to be a doctor! I am going to help people. I am incredibly grateful to Daniel and there is no way I could have done it without him. I have a future and a purpose again; you can’t put a price on that."

D, University of London

"I hope this e-mail finds you well.  I am pleased to inform you that [name of university] have awarded me a 2.1 along with receiving an offer to read the LLM at [name of university].

Once again many thanks for all your help as none of the above would have been possible without your invaluable input."

J, University of London

"Within 10 minutes of my email to Daniel Sokol we had a meeting the next day booked in London to discuss my son’s situation and a possible appeal. I found Daniel to be very well versed in his subject and his advice invaluable. He completely removed the emotion out of the situation and produced a very well written and thought through appeal. My son’s University realised their failures and quickly rectified their mistake by agreeing to a resit as a first time sitting with no cap. It was very refreshing to find a lawyer who quite clearly understood the workings of the academic world and how universities very often fail young adults with special needs. The appeal gave my son the necessary confidence to re sit.

My son passed his resit and has since graduated with 2.1 in a BA Hons Business Studies. I can only urge other parents in a similar situation to make the investment. I would highly recommend Mr Sokol."

R, Bournemouth University

"Well, looks like you were right - the Uni felt the pressure and gave me an offer back into the first-year of the MBBS programme!

Thank you so much for all the work and advice you gave us - without it, it would've been far more difficult than it already was.  A cool, collected, and intelligent head was just what I needed during all this time, when mine was anything but, and now, due in no small part to your contribution, my life is finally back on track!

Once again I can't emphasize enough how grateful I am for what you've done and I wish you every success.

With utmost sincerity and gratitude,


D, University of London

"Hi Daniel, my appeal was accepted today!  Thank you so much.  Without your amazing appeal letter I would never have been able to get through.  I totally lost hope until I spoke to you.  I'm so lucky to have stumbled onto your website.  Thank you so much.  S"

S, University of London

"I would enthusiastically recommend Alpha Academic Appeals for their guidance, professionalism and sense of urgency."

J, University of London

"Thank you so much for your help Daniel. Your expert advice made my letter incredibly professional and persuasive. You are extremely efficient and empathic. My appeal was successful.  Thank you so much."

A, University of Glasgow

"The Appeals Panel for Uni met Monday and I received a PASS today – thank you so much for all the support and the fantastic appeal letter you wrote.  

Your parting words were “I will get you that degree” and you did not let me down."

J, Open University

"What can I say - I'm gob smacked after reading the appeal statement you wrote for me.  I could never have written anything so good.  This has made me a lot more hopeful to say the least.

I think I'll actually be able to sleep tonight."

R (university withheld)

"I approached Dr. Daniel Sokol for advice having not acquired enough credits to proceed to stage two of my undergraduate programme. Not only was he prompt with his reply, he was completely sympathetic to my case and evaluated it in a very holistic fashion and articulated the steps required to win the case.

As Daniel underscores time-and-time again, it is absolutely pivotal that students read their university’s regulations to the last letter and seek advice from their Student Union.  It is equally as paramount that students source all the correct bits of evidence to fortify their case: in my own case it was letters from my GP, university counsellors, academics who all wrote letters in my defence and which ultimately helped my case.

While the foregoing points are important, perhaps what is even more important is your appeal letter. This must be written in a robust and decipherable manner. I cannot stress enough how important your appeal letter as that is what the Associate Dean/Dean will assess you on.

In short, read the university regulations (they vary), source the evidence and write a great letter.

To Dr. Daniel Sokol go my sincerest thanks for providing the advice he did and for writing back to me when I most needed his expertise – a true fountain of knowledge!"

I, University of Bradford

"I arrived at Alpha Academic Appeals after an unfortunate set of events with my PhD led to a recommendation for an MPhil.  In the midst of my stress, anxiety and confusion, Dr. Daniel Sokol listened to my case and advised me clearly on the available options.  The strength in Alpha Academic Appeals was their ability to separate my emotional ‘facts’ from the evidence-based facts to construct a strong case with arguments to support my appeal.  At every stage of the appeal I understood my rights as a student, where the procedural irregularities were on my case and the small print at my university.

In addition the service and advice received from Dr. Sokol and his colleagues at Alpha Academic Appeals was prompt, realistic, accurate, honest and incredibly thorough!  Without the excellently constructed appeal letters, my case would have been unsuccessful.  Needless to say my appeal was upheld and I thankfully have the opportunity to resubmit for my PhD with full supervision and support."

C, Brunel University

"Just to let you know that the appeal has been successful.  D is allowed to repeat his final year.  We feel relief after almost two months of agony.  There was no help from the tutor, student union, or university, whatever they said on the website.  Without you, we wouldn't have stood a chance.  No money can pay for what you did for us.  Thank you."

E, University of London

"P received a letter from the Uni in the morning telling him his appeal has been upheld.  He is absolutely over the moon.

Thank you so very much for your expert and always very prompt action for P.   We are very aware that his appeal would not have been successful without you.

Thanking you on behalf of P and all his family”

P, Sheffield

"I turned to Daniel in the absence of other appropriate support or expertise, and consider this to have been an extremely wise decision.  He worked with me to draft a compelling and ultimately successful appeal from complex and egregious circumstances, and offered a realistic estimate of the chances of success.  The case was handled with efficiency, patience and courtesy throughout.  I would unreservedly recommend this service to students who have been denied alternative recourse and/or representation."

J, University of London

"I would definitely recommend Daniel to others.  He was extremely helpful and produced an excellent, well-reasoned appeal letter that made all the difference to my appeal.  I would hope that I am never in the same situation again, but if I was I wouldn't hesitate to give him a call."

N (university withheld)

"I must say:  this is an incredibly well written appeal.  My case is clearer even to me now!"

M, University of London

"An appeal process is not what I would wish for anyone.  It is very stressful.  I must say I was overwhelmed with the level of attention and support offered by Dr Sokol.  I never thought I had a chance with the appeal.  The appeal letter was very strong and I was successful.  More importantly, speaking to Dr Sokol over the course of the case helped reduced my stress levels and helped me argue my case during the appeal hearing."

D, University of Aberdeen

"When I first got in touch with Daniel, he listened patiently to my situation.  I'd been withdrawn from the University.  He gave me a realistic assessment of my prospects of success.  He said I had a less than 50% chance of succeeding in my appeal.  Throughout the process, he was very helpful, helping me to gather the necessary evidence.  The appeal letter he wrote was perfect.  My appeal succeeded!  Thank you Daniel."

K, University of Kent

"I ran your appeal statement by my personal tutor before submitting it.  He approved my decision to use professional help in writing the appeal and said it was one of the best presented and well written appeals he had ever seen.

Thank you so for much for your help, Daniel"

I (university withheld)

"Nobody wants to go through the experience of an appeal, however if for any circumstances it happens, it is very comforting to have someone as professional and understanding as Daniel in your corner. Throughout the whole process he was being very honest and objective which gave me confidence to proceed and peace of mind in the middle of a very stressful situation.

While it is not an experience I would ever recommend to anyone I would gladly recommend Alpha Academic Appeals and Daniel’s services. He was extremely patient at explaining everything to me, at listening and making me feel as a priority on his workload replying promptly every time I contacted him with questions or doubts.

Thank you very much for all your help!"

L, Glasgow School of Art

"Daniel provided sound advice, support and exactly the right words to achieve a great outcome from a very daunting process.

Thank you so much!”

M, Cranfield University

"For your handling of the case and its presentation, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude.  I really appreciate the way that you phrased the information.  I am now being allowed to continue onto the fourth year of my course.

Thank you greatly for all your help in this matter”

N, University of Manchester

"When I contacted Daniel at Alpha Academic Appeals, he was very professional.  He gave me his realistic assessment of the chances of success.  I was very happy with the appeal letter, and would definitely recommend Alpha, whether you need advice or help writing your uni appeal."

J, University of London

"Just read through the appeal and it's brilliant, thank you very much.  I'm happy with it exactly how it is."

D, University of Manchester

"This [the appeal statement] is looking totally brilliant!!!  There is a good chance that you have saved this PhD."

A, University of Central Lancashire

"I've just finished reading your appeal statement and I have to say it is brilliant.  If I had done it myself, it definitely wouldn't have been half as good.  Thanks a lot for putting across my case so clearly, and using the rules, regulations and the law to justify my cause."

R, Nottingham Trent University

"I  would like to say that it is truly amazing what your letter expressed.  In no way could I have imagined that my case could be made this strong."

V, Queen Mary, University of London

"I found Alpha Academic Appeals during some of my darkest hours of my PhD.  During the initial consultation, Daniel was understanding, attentive, and listened to the entire story. He identified a number of points to include in the grounds for appeal, then drafted a very strong letter for submission to the Academic Appeals Committee.

To increase the chances of a good outcome at the appeal hearing, I asked Daniel to draft a ‘skeleton argument’ to rebut the University’s response, and secondly to represent me at the hearing. The skeleton argument was excellent.

As I live in Melbourne, Australia, the hearing required Daniel to teleconference in at 6am which he was more than happy to oblige. During the hearing, Daniel presented an compelling case, pointing out a number of misapplications of procedure.

In sum, I succeeded in my appeal.  I believe this was largely to do with Daniel's initial persuasive letter to the Appeals Committee, and subsequently the strong arguments presented at the hearing. Knowing Daniel was there throughout the entire process was a huge relief. I am very grateful for his services. He was quick to respond to queries, positive but realistic in his observations, and had very practical solutions. Thanks very much Daniel, you are a force to be reckoned with, and I would recommend your services to anyone looking to submit an academic appeal!"

E, Melbourne, Australia

"I failed an exam at the third attempt but this was due to several personal issues.  I was dismissed from the university and told I was no longer a student.  At first, I appealed but this was rejected.  I began to panic.  I came across Alpha Academic Appeals through Google and it went from there.  I immediately called Daniel who was helpful from the minute he answered, listened to my story, and wrote an amazing submission to have my appeal looked over again.  This time, my appeal was successful.  I was so happy.  Daniel will take in all the facts and ensure that you have a fair chance of succeeding in your appeal.  I would definitely recommend him.  I wasn’t able to meet him in person due to the tight deadline, but he was kind enough to correspond by email throughout.

Thank you again Daniel."

N, Greenwich School of Management

"I called a law firm and the first thing they asked me was how much I could pay.  I then called Alpha and they asked me about my case.   Right from the start, it was clear they knew what they were doing and the letter of appeal was nothing less than fantastic.  It captured exactly what I wanted to say but more persuasively than I ever could do myself."

A, City University

"I received outstanding service from Alpha Academic Appeals.  From the initial telephone discussion right through to the final meeting, I was provided with excellent advice and support; I felt completely reassured that I was being heard and I was kept involved every step of the way.  Daniel dealt with my situation very promptly and professionally, the end result being a fantastic appeal statement that summed up everything that needed to be said in a very clear and concise manner.  The service I received was second to none, I would recommend very highly."

M, King's College London

"Upon receiving a decision of expulsion from my university, my chances of an appeal being upheld seemed slim. I took my case to Daniel, who through his knowledge and professionalism, and within a short space of time, prepared what I thought was the impossible, a very strong case that overturned my original expulsion. Impressive!"

S, University of Manchester

"Using Alpha was a quick and reassuring process. I felt confident with the way my case was handled and felt that using Alpha's services helped me develop the strongest case possible to present to the appeals board. If I met someone in a similar situation I would recommend this service as it helped me tremendously."

K, University of East London

"Arriving at a time of extreme anxiety, meeting Daniel at Alpha was a true relief.  Realistic goals were established from the onset and it was clear that he had an unparalleled understanding of the appeal system, providing courses of action that would otherwise have been overlooked.  Satisfaction of the client was paramount.  The service was truly outstanding and I would recommend without hesitation."

L, Cambridge University

"We are very pleased with your expertise and the help you were capable of providing, in a short time frame. We could not have analysed and handled the situation and our response without your invaluable assistance.  Win or lose, we feel you have given us a small window of success that we could not have achieved."

L, Leeds University

"I believed that my chances of a successful appeal were tiny and indeed they were, but with Daniel's professionalism and drive we achieved the impossible!  I'm delighted I found Alpha and I will definitely recommend it to others."

M, University of St Andrews

"Alpha Academic Appeal provided an extremely thorough service during an appeal process regarding my PhD.  Throughout this difficult time, I felt that every possible angle was being covered.  Without such assistance, I would not have been aware that there had been severe breaches of procedure incurred, of which such disclosure led to a successful outcome.  AAA are extremely thorough, efficient, and professional, and essential to anyone undergoing an appeal procedure."

A, University of Exeter

"I was very impressed with Daniel's professionalism and the way he conducted the case.  I was anxious to have the case concluded quickly and found him to be responsive to my needs, helpful, and above all extremely efficient.  I would happily recommend Alpha to others in future as a result of my experience."

Muhammad Ali, Imperial College London

"Puzzled by the complexity of the appeal form I was hugely relieved to find Dr Sokol. From the initial consultation on Daniel was dealing with my case very professionally and I felt completely reassured that I contacted the right person. The form turned out to be just the way I wanted it to be: a very convincing appeal summarising all my issues in a clear and concise way."

K, City University

 "I'm glad that I've come across Dr Sokol. The appeal process can be very stressful and at times you feel you've had just about enough from the less than help you receive from others about this matter.  Having someone who is expert, professional and humane during this process was very important to me.  Daniel was also polite and very responsive to any questions I had.  He listened carefully, and helped me greatly with my case."

E, Imperial College London

"Without sounding overly dramatic, Daniel at Alpha Academic Appeals has been a lifesaver.  After working a large part of my life towards a career path, I was left seriously questioning what path to follow and felt largely lost after being academically dismissed.  Daniel prepared my appeal with all the evidence I gave him in a short space of time.  

Meeting up with Daniel wasn’t realistic due to the time frame and distance hence all correspondence was done via email and over the phone but this never seemed like a problem as he was always very quick to respond.  Without doubt I feel I am only back on my course due to the persuasive appeal letter submitted, and without Daniel I wouldn’t having been aware of the codes of practice the university were potentially breaching by not offering me another chance.  

In the kindest way, I hope I am never in a situation where I would need Alpha Academic Appeals again but I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of being on the wrong side of an academic decision and is seeking help with appeals at university.  Thank you for all your help Daniel! :D"

S, University of Hull

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