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We appreciate that many students have limited funds.  There is no charge, therefore, for the initial telephone discussion.  Please note, however, that we are a small team and that in busy times we may not be able to accept new cases or offer free consultations.

Prices start from £600 + VAT, and vary depending on the complexity of the matter and the amount of work required.

We also offer a review service, providing detailed written comments and suggestions on an appeal statement you intend to submit.

Finally, we offer face-to-face consultations, in person or through Skype, about prospective appeals.  In the consultation, we offer practical guidance on how best to negotiate the appeal process.  This is appropriate in more complex cases. 

At the end of the initial discussion, we will offer a cost estimate.  It is entirely up to you whether you choose to continue using us. 

Recognising that deadlines for student appeals can be tight, in 2018 we launched an 'express' service for urgent assistance.

All the prices we quote include time spent on preparation (e.g., reading and research time).  There are no added charges.

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