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Now peak period for appeals at Alpha. PLEASE READ THIS.

07-July-2018 7:35
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by Admin

Dear students/parents,

This is written on 17th January 2019.  What follows will apply until this post is removed.

We are only a small team of 5 barristers but we are currently working flat out to try to help as many of you as possible during what we know is a hugely stressful and important time.

Given the number of queries, we are unable at present to offer the free preliminary advice we offer in quieter times.

At this time, we are offering only 'detailed' consultations (typically lasting 1-2 hours, in person or by Skype).  The consultations usually cover the following areas:

- Identification of arguments in support of your case

- Assessment of strengths and weaknesses of your case

- Analysis of evidence, including need for further evidence to strengthen your case (e.g., medical evidence, witness evidence, etc.)

- Instruction of experts, if necessary

- Assessments of prospects of success

- Identification of helpful cases or precedents to support your case

If you would like to arrange a consultation, please call us on 0207 871 3661.

The cost depends on several factors, including complexity and number of documents, but typically it ranges between £600 and £1,500.

We are also able to write appeal statements and represent students at hearings, if so permitted by the institution.

In very urgent situations, we can offer a 'fast track' service, although this carries an extra cost.

If you are unable to afford the cost, or if we are at full capacity, do consider your Student Union as a source of free advice.

Yours sincerely,

The Alpha Academic Appeals Team

Daniel Sokol (barrister)

Chris Coyle (barrister)

Aidan O'Brien (barrister)

Amy Sloane-McCann (barrister)

Edward Dobson (barrister)

Natalie-Rose Joseph (PA)

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